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About Croton Falls in the Town of North Salem
North Salem borders Putnam County to the north and Connecticut to the east. North Salem is comprised of the hamlets of:
    Hamlet of Croton Falls, in the northwest corner of North Salem
    Hamlet of Grants Corner, in the southeast of North Salem
    Hamlet of North Salem, in the western part of North Salem
    Hamlet of Purdy's, south of Croton Falls in the western part of North Salem
    Hamlet of Salem Center, that lies at the eastern end of the Titicus Reservoir
    Village of Twin Lakes Village in the southern part of North Salem
    Peach Lake Community

Manhattan to Croton Falls in North Salem, New York
For an easy commute into Manhattan's Grand Central Station, North Salem has two MTA Metro-North train stations, one is located in Purdy's and the other in Croton Falls at 5 Front Street, between West Cross Street and Center Street in Croton Falls just 47.7 miles to Grand Central Terminal. An MTA train ride from Grand Central Station in Manhattan to either Purdy's or Croton Falls Metro-North station in North Salem, averages 74 to 85 minutes, depending on the time of day and arrival MTA station.

Town Government
The North Salem Town Board has five elected officials: the Supervisor (two-year term) and four Councilpersons (four-year terms). The terms of the Councilpersons are staggered so that every two years there is a local election for the Supervisor and two Councilpersons. Each council member has one vote on the Town Board. Council members introduce and vote on local laws and serve as liaisons to various Town departments and committees.

The Supervisor is the chief administrator of the Town government and is responsible for overseeing legislation. As chief financial officer, the Supervisor prepares the annual Town budget. As Chair of the Town Board, the Supervisor presides over all meetings. The Town Clerk is responsible for keeping records of the Town Board meetings and all contracts and agreements the Town makes. The Clerk processes numerous licenses and permits and also serves as the Records Management Officer, acts as the Registrar of Vital Statistics, and is in charge of running Local Elections. The Town Clerk is elected to a four-year term.

    The North Salem Town Hall is located at 274 Titicus Road, North Salem, NY 10560.
    The North Salem Justice Court is located at 274 Titicus Road, North Salem, NY 10560.
    The North Salem Town Clerk is located at 266 Titicus Road, North Salem, NY 10560.

About the Schools in North Salem
The North Salem Central School District is a model public school district, identified by its focus on the development of students of all abilities. Most of all, it will produce motivated and competent learners, capable of solving the intellectual, emotional, and ethical problems they encounter and of reaching their personal goals. All stakeholders, students, parents, faculty, staff, administration, Board of Education, community, will share responsibility for student development. In their respective roles, they will exceed expectations through a process of continually: setting challenging goals and plans, executing them with promptness and innovation, measuring and evaluating the results, recognizing performance, and improving. Learn more about each of the Schools in North Salem.

Learn more About the Town Of North Salem.

Location: Croton Falls

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