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Bronx River Pathway


Westchester County

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The Bronx River Pathway is located within the Bronx River Reservation, an 807-acre linear park created as an adjunct to the construction of the Bronx River Parkway that was opened in 1925. The parkway, which has the distinction of being the first parkway in the nation, extends 13.2 miles in Westchester from the New York City line north to the Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla.

The Pathway consists of three paved segments: a one-mile loop near Oak Street in Mount Vernon; a 3.6-mile section from Palmer Road in Bronxville north to Harney Road in Scarsdale and a 5-mile section extending from Green Acres Avenue in Hartsdale to Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla.On Sundays during spring and autumn, a portion of the Bronx River Parkway closes to vehicular traffic for the county’s popular Bike & Skate Sundays program.

"The Bronx River Pathway lies in the corridor with, and alongside, the first automobile parkway in the United States. A parkway is usually defined as a scenic road with much greenery adjacent to the travelway, with careful thought having gone into making it a visual pleasure. Although the Bronx River Parkway was designed as a scenic roadway connecting Westchester to the Bronx, it had some visionary transportation design features. Using entrance and exit ramps, it was the world’s first example of the design concept known as a limited-access highway. It was also built with the then-little-known concept called landscape architecture, making this road facility an enjoyable journey. Parkways don’t allow trucks; they usually have lower and, in most cases, visually pleasing bridge structures. Surface: Asphalt with some short cinder sections. Note: About 2.6 miles of this trail are on neighborhood roads. Some sections are very busy, with intricate pedestrian and bike crossings." Source:

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