Scenic Hudson Park at Irvington  "Scenic Hudson Valley" | Irvington-on-Hudson Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Scenic Hudson Park at Irvington "Scenic Hudson Valley"


Westchester County

Irvington's waterfront, public park, views, Things to Do at Irvington Scenic Hudson Park, regulation ballfields, Boat Launch, Playgrounds, Riverfront promenade, Scenic Views, Senior Center, Walking Paths, kayaking, walking, watching the children play Scenic Hudson Park at Irvington "Scenic Hudson Valley"

Scenic Hudson Park at Irvington
Irvington, Westchester County
Hudson River Valley, New York State
Park is adjacent to Hudson River and can be accessed via Bridge Street.

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Click to enlarge photo of Scenic Hudson Park in Irvington, New York. The transformation of Irvington's waterfront is one of Scenic Hudson's most dramatic success stories. This former industrial site is now a peaceful riverfront oasis just 12 miles north of New York City. At this site, 12-acres of contaminated soil and blacktop along the Hudson River have been transformed into a public park with views of the Manhattan skyline, Palisades and Tappan Zee Bridge.

From Scenic Hudson: "Scenic Hudson was instrumental in rehabilitating this waterfront industrial site and transforming it into a park—co-owned with the Village of Irvington—that offers magnificent views of the Hudson River encompassing the Manhattan skyline, Palisades and Tappan Zee Bridge. Features include universally accessible walking paths, ball fields and a senior center."

If you live in Manhattan, take the MTA directly into Irvington Station. Parks and excellent restaurants are within a short walk from the MTA Metro North Train Station

Things To Do at Hudson Park in Irvington
Bird Watching in Irvington
Boat Launch (No motorized, car-topped craft)
Fishing Spots in the Hudson River
Open grass fields for passive recreation (picnicking, views of Hudson Highlands and river)
Picnicking with views of the Hudson River
Playgrounds (Two playgrounds)
Playing fields (Two regulation ballfields and a regulation soccer field)
Riverfront promenade for leisurely walks
Scenic Views
Senior Center
Walking paths (Nearly one mile of pathways)

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After a day of birding, picnicking, and relaxing in the fresh sea breezes, enjoy a picnic, or dine at one of the excellent restaurants in Irvington or greater Westchester County.

Location: Irvington-on-Hudson

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