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Playland Ice "Ice Skating - Ice Hockey"

City of Rye

Westchester County

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The Playland Ice Casino is located at Playland Parkway (Exit 19 off I-95) Rye, New York 10580. Playland Ice Casino has been Westchester's premier ice skating facility for over 80 years. Three temperature-controlled indoor rinks make for a comfortable, family fun ice skating experience. The Playland Ice Casino offers special weekday times for Freestyle, Adult Skate and Child Puck Time. Convenient public sessions, special events, extended holiday schedules await skaters this season for even more family fun.

The Playland Skating School at the Playland Ice Casino, is staffed by some of the finest professionals in the New York area. The Skating School offers quality, affordable figure and hockey skating programs to students of all ages, beginner through advanced levels.

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Location: Rye

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