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Be-Hold Antiques

City of Yonkers

Westchester County

10705, important photographs, Yonkers, NY, lower-Hudson Valley, early photographs,  daguerreotypes, stereo views, 3-dimensional images, cartes de visite and cabinet cards, photographic imagery, sell original photographs Be-Hold Antiques

Be-Hold, offering important photographs for more than 25 years, is located at 78 Rockland Ave., Yonkers, NY 10705 in the lower-Hudson Valley.

From Be-hold: "Be-hold has been selling important photographs for over 25 years. Our first specialty was early photographs that could be held in the hand rather than put on the wall. These included daguerreotypes (that would magically change as they were turned in the light) to stereo views that would become 3-dimensional images through the hand-held viewer, and cartes de visite and cabinet cards, often found in albums whose pages were turned by hand. This was one of the meanings of the “hold” part of our name.

"Over time our interests have broadened to include the whole range of photographic imagery, through the 20th century and even into some contemporary work. We of course try to offer important photographs by major photographers, but we are also adventurous in what we present, and our offerings include interesting historical material, including vintage press photographs. Our clients include major institutions and private collectors. We are careful in our descriptions and our attention to condition. Everything we sell is guaranteed to be as described - we strive to have all our customers be satisfied ones. We only sell original photographs, not copies, and we try to be accurate about the age of the print, and the photographic process. Our focus is on photography as an art, as well as a historical and social record, and the intersections between these various aspects of photography."

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Location: Yonkers

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