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Nana's Attic


Westchester County

Nana's Attic

Nana's Attic offering antiques and more, is located at 414 Central Park Ave., Scarsdale NY 10583 in Westchester County.

From Nana's Attic: "My mother found out early in her life that she had an eye for antiques and a passion for treasure hunting and decorating. Ever since my brother and I were babies she took us antiquing almost daily. Our home was always filled with her unusual and exciting acquisitions. The ones no longer used were stored in the attic. The attic goodies accumulated over time to the point where it became impossible to climb the stairs. It was then we decided to clean out 'Nana’s Attic'.

"We rented a store on Main Street in Tuckahoe for two weeks. It did so well that we took it for another, than another. . . Then we expanded to the adjoining store. By this time people were bringing us their family heirlooms. We told mom that she would not have to go shopping anymore. But, of course, you know that didn’t work. The treasures kept rolling in. The next year we moved to Scarsdale and purchased the building at 414 Central Park Avenue, taking with us the original “NANAS ATTIC” sign made by my brother Brad when he was only fifteen years old. Thirty years later, the sign still hangs on our building, on its way to becoming an antique itself."

Location: Scarsdale

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