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Briggs House Antiques

Port Chester

Westchester County

10573, House Antiques, Port Chester, NY, range of English, French, Irish and Continental furniture, art and accessories, Asian Art, furniture, Garden, Folk Art, Furniture, Collectibles, Lighting, Mirrors, Rugs and carpets, Serveware, ceramics, Tables Briggs House Antiques

Briggs House Antiques is located at 114 Pearl Street, Port Chester, NY 10573 in Westchester County. Briggs House Antiques began in 1985, as the owner shopped in England for period oak furniture to furnish a Tudor-style house in New York. And liked what she found.

From Briggs: "Switch to today – a large shop offering a wide range of English, French, Irish and Continental furniture, art and accessories, often with a whimsical twist. The quality is undisputed, the decorative appeal obvious.

"Shopping trips overseas every three months keep a constant supply of new stock available; often suppliers call with a particularly great find – when we learn a new welsh oak dresser ('hutch' in US terminology) has surfaced, we view it via email and if it’s right – it’s ours."

Antiques include:

    Asian Art and furniture
    Building and Garden
    Case pieces and storage
    Folk Art
    Furniture and Collectibles
    Rugs and carpets
    Serveware and ceramics
    Wall decorations

The word is Several years ago, we ordered an English card table from Briggs. It was made to order in England (beautiful wood and color). The table is perfect for our space and the service was excellent.

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Location: Port Chester

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