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Furniture Restoration

Mount Vernon

Westchester County

Furniture Restoration

The Furniture Restoration Center is located at 555 South Columbus Ave. (Rt.22), Mount Vernon, NY 10550 in Westchester County.

From Furniture Restoration: "We have been in operation since 1969, formerly in White Plains and now relocated to Mount Vernon, taking care of customers' needs ranging from stripping and refinishing, repairs, regluing, chair caning and rushing, reupholstery and the sandblasting, priming and painting of metal patio furniture. We also specialize in the less invasive art of restoration and conservation of older or antique pieces so that the original finish and patina can be maintained, preserving that old and well-maintained look that so many of us appreciate.

"Over the years, we've developed a deep appreciation and understanding of the sentimental items left to our customers and treat them with the utmost tenderness and care, realizing that in many cases these items represent someone who has passed.

"In any case, whether it be an entire dining room set, Grand piano or just a little doll's rocker, Furniture Restoration Center in Mount Vernon is the place to have it done. In cases that the customer would just like to have it stripped and then finish it themselves, we offer extensive instructions on how to do-it-yourself correctly (a rarity these days).

"In addition to furniture, the Furniture Restoration Center is also well known among the trades as a place to bring interior or exterior doors, moulding or architectural moulding to be efficiently and inexpensively stripped and neutralized."

Location: Mount Vernon

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