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Starbucks Coffee


Westchester County

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Starbucks is located at 42 Memorial Plaza, Pleasantville, NY 10570 in Westchester County.

From Starbucks: "In the spirit of Our Mission and Values, partners across the country advocated for a solution to donate unsold food to the communities we serve. Through a new and unique strategic partnership with Feeding America, we will rescue 100% of food available to donate from all of our U.S. stores, positioning Starbucks as the sector leader in food rescue."

Restaurant Review
A few organic options
Serving premade breakfast, lunch, and dinner items
WiFi = Free

The word is Offering premade sandwiches, salads, fruit, and other options, and a range of coffees and tea. At Starbucks you can customize your beverage by requesting it be made with whole, skim, or organic soy milk, but no organic milk available.

Press blue button to learn more about Starbucks's farming communities, opportunity for youth, community stores, and the Starbucks Foundation.

Note Unfortunately, Starbucks does not offer organic milk (GMO's, hormones and pesticides anyone?). Visit Starbucks, serve organic milk. and join the campaign for organic milk only. End serving milk from factory farmed cows.

Location: Pleasantville

Restaurant Cuisine
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