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Christ Church of Pelham


Westchester County

10803, Christ Church, Parish of Christ the Redeemer, Pelham, NY, Christian churches, families with children, Bronx, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Pelham, life-long Episcopalians Christ Church of Pelham

Christ Church, The Parish of Christ the Redeemer is located at 1415 Pelhamdale Ave., Pelham, NY 10803. Like all other Christian churches we are called to follow the Summary of the Law given by our Lord Jesus Christ. That means that we are to love the Lord our God with all our strength and our neighbors as ourselves.

We are a diverse group. We are young families with children. We are retirees with children long grown. We are teenagers and singles. We come from the Bronx, New Rochelle and Mount Vernon, as well as from Pelham. We come from a range of economic, social, racial and ethnic groups. We are life-long Episcopalians. We are Anglicans from other countries. We are former Roman Catholics and Protestants. We are people with little or no Church background. We are people who have been active in the Church all our lives.

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Location: Pelham

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