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Irvington Fire Department


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The Irvington Fire Department is located at 90 Main Street, Irvington, NY 10533. It provides many services to the community of Irvington. Explore the Irvington Fire Department website and learn:
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A Brief History
Eight years after the founding of the Village of Irvington, the first order of business was to permanently organize a hose and engine company. On April 18, 1880, the Irvington Fire Association No. 1 was organized and had a roster of 38 men.

On Aug. 5, 1880, a hand-drawn fire engine was purchased for $372. A jumper, hose and three trumpets were purchase from E.V. Leverich for $151. A two-story wood framed building at the North end of North Ferris Street was rented and became the first firehouse.

The first fire alarms were sounded by a cry of “FIRE”, usually by the village constable, who was also the town lamplighter. Shortly after the equipment was housed in quarters, a large iron ring was hung outside the building and pounded to summon firefighters...

The Irvington Fire Department has had three homes in its first 125 years... Several meetings afterward, the Board finally selected a site that was village-owned, at 90 Main Street and work on the new home of the Fire Department started on January 27, 1964. On the first weekend of October, apparatus and equipment was moved into the new building and on Sept. 4, 1965, the building was formally dedicated, and remains their home today. Today, the fire bell used early in the department’s life has a place of honor in the front of the firehouse among the flowerbeds by the front door.

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Location: Irvington-on-Hudson

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