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Mount Vernon School District

Mount Vernon

Westchester County

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The Mt. Vernon City School District is located at 165 North Columbus Ave., Mount Vernon, NY 10553 in Westchester County. The Mt. Vernon City School District is comprised of the following schools:

Cecil H. Parker Elementary (914) 665-5040
Columbus Elementary at Franko (914) 358 2700
Edwards Williams Elementary (914) 665-5070
Graham Elementary (914) 358-2800
Grimes Elementary (914) 665-5020
Hamilton Elementary (914) 665-5050
Lincoln Elementaryl (914) 665-5039
Longfellow Elementary (914) 665-5100
Pennington Elementary (914) 665-5105
Traphagen Elementary (914) 665-5060
William H. Holmes Elementary (914) 665-5110
A.B. Davis Middle School (914) 665-5120
Longfellow Middle School (914) 665-5150
Mount Vernon High School (914) 665-5300
Nellie A. Thornton High School (914) 358-2740
Nelson Mandela High School (914) 665-5086

The New York State Education Department has determined that all children in the state of New York can do better. Based on this determination our benchmarks have been raised significantly. Children that were acknowledged a year ago for high achievement are now being told that that achievement is no longer good enough. Our schools are expected to meet even more rigorous expectations than those that we have reached in the past. We do not shirk from this responsibility, though daunting, we welcome it because the end result will be children that are more prepared to become productive citizens in a community of promise.

Nelson Mandela offers high school students a second chance to succeed in high school to prepare for their life's pursuits. We provide high school students with the skills, qualities, and knowledge necessary to meet NYS Learning Standards, graduate from high school, and acquire the life long skills necessary to be successful in a 21st Century society.

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Location: Mount Vernon

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