Villa Rustica Pizzeria & Trattoria | Rye Brook Westchester County New York
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Villa Rustica Pizzeria & Trattoria

Rye Brook

Westchester County

10573 Pizza Italian food Villa Rustica Pizzeria & Trattoria

Villa Rustica, Pizzeria & Trattoria, serving Pizza and Italian cuisine, is located at 261 South Ridge Street, Rye Brook, NY 10573 in Westchester County.

From Villa Rustica: "Anthony and Michael Muoio opened Villa Rustica Pizzeria & Trattoria in Rye Brook, New York on June 11, 2007. As with many Italian eateries, Villa Rustica is a family affair. Two brothers own the place, and they come from a family that has been in the restaurant business for 45 years. Their dad, Tony, had pizzerias in the Bronx and Mt. Vernon.

You will be pleasantly surprised by both the attractive décor and the food at Villa Rustica. Everything you try you will like from the taste, to the presentation, to the service, and even the prices, which are reasonable.

Chef: Mike's love for the kitchen started when he was just five years old, working in his family's restaurant in the Bronx. By the age of fifteen he was running the restaurant after school. His guidance from his family has helped him develop superior skills in pizza and Italian cuisine.

Pizza Creator: Anthony's pizza making skills were developed at an early age. He always loved playing with the dough. This is one of the reasons his dough is always perfect. He has spent 15 years mastering the recipes that make Villa Rustica one of the best Pizza's in Westchester County.

The combined 75 plus years of pizza experience that co-founders and brothers, Mike & Anthony have is the result of growing up in the Bronx. The brothers fondly recall the long days spent in the family's Bronx, NY pizzeria making sure that every pizza was a work of art.

Every day our pizza dough is still made using a generational recipe and flour milled from the finest Kansas spring wheat. Our pizza sauce is made from ripe California tomatoes, and fragrant basil, whole milk mozzarella made from an Italian recipe create the perfect pie.

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Pizza and Italian
Family Restaurant
Gluten-Free Menu
Kids Menu
Online ordering
Serving lunch and dinner

The word is Villa Rustica, an attractive pizzeria and trattoria, where friendly warm people serve a large selection of delicious pizza and good Italian dishes; and some say "the best cannoli’s" anywhere.

Location: Rye Brook

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