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Performing Arts Center at Purchase College


Westchester County

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The Performing Arts Center is located at Purchase College, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577 in Westchester County.

Upcoming Events at The Performing Arts Center
"The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College (PAC) offers world-class programming that is conveniently located, affordably priced, with ample parking. PAC, a four-theatre complex at Purchase College, is the major professional, nonprofit arts presenter in the southeastern New York-southwestern Connecticut region. Located 28 miles northeast of New York City at the Connecticut border, more than 200,000 people attend more than 650 performances, benefits, and events held within its theatres each year."

"Dedicated to educating as well as entertaining its audiences, the PAC makes a concerted effort to present contrasting influences and traditions in its programming. Each series presents a wide variety of artists and repertoire, including multicultural and 'popular' genres, as well as the traditional classics.

"This focus, supported by targeted marketing and community outreach efforts, has continued to diversify the PACís audiences. Series programming is focused on appealing to distinct markets, interest groups, and diverse segments of the community."

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Location: Purchase

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