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Emelin Theatre


Westchester County

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The Emelin Theatre is located at 153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck, NY 10543 in Westchester County.

About Emelin Theatre "The Emelin Theatre located in Mamaroneck, New York, and founded in 1972, is the oldest continuously operating performing arts theater in Westchester County. Its mission is to bring the best in live performing arts to Westchester and other nearby communities and to promote a cultural life that entertains, educates, and invigorates. The Emelin, well-known for its high-quality and affordable programs, is one of the few performing arts venues in this region which offers a broad mix of entertainment appealing to all ages and tastes, produces its own theater performances, and attracts diverse audiences throughout Westchester County and beyond."

Benefits to the Community
"The Emelin contributes to both the cultural life and the economy of its surrounding local municipalities. In addition to providing a culturally diverse array of live performance opportunities for adults, teens, and children, the Emelin provides the use of its facilities for various civic and community-related events. This past season the Emelin hosted 10 community events, including Library events, League of Women Voters meetings, Larchmont-Mamaroneck Cable TV awards, and the annual Martin Luther King awards ceremony, sponsored by The Mamaroneck-Larchmont Human Rights Commission. The Emelin brings in extra revenue to the communities in terms of jobs, event-related spending, and enhanced real estate values. Many theatergoers are taking advantage of the Emelinís Preferred Merchants Program, which offers discounts at local restaurants and businesses as a benefit to all flex-pass subscribers to the Theatre."

Events at Emelin Theatre
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Location: Mamaroneck

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