DeCicco’s Marketplace | Cross River Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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DeCicco’s Marketplace

Cross River

Westchester County

10518, food market, Cross River, Food Market Review, Beer, Deli, Gift-Baskets, Gluten-free products, Gourmet and Specialty items, Local and organic produce, Sushi Bar DeCicco’s Marketplace

DeCicco’s, a food market, is located at 1 Orchard Plaza, Cross River, NY 10518 in Westchester County.

Food Market Review
Beer Bar (craft and local brews)
Gift baskets
Gluten-free products
Gourmet and Specialty items
Local and organic produce
Prepared foods
Seafood and meats
Sushi Bar

Location: Cross River

Restaurant Cuisine
Craft Beer | Brewery Craft Beer | Cross River Brewery | Westchester Craft Beer | Hudson Valley
Gluten-Free Options Gluten-Free Options | Cross River Gluten-Free Options | Westchester Gluten-Free Options | Hudson Valley
Gifts | Crafts Gifts | Cross River Crafts | Westchester Gifts | Hudson Valley
Grass-Fed | Organic Foods Grass-Fed | Cross River Organic Foods | Westchester Grass-Fed | Hudson Valley
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