Phelps Memorial Hospital Center | Sleepy Hollow Westchester County New York
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Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

Sleepy Hollow

Westchester County

10591 Medical Services Children ambulances  Emergency Training EMTs outpatients physical occupational therapy rehab Wound Healing Institute IV Infusion Center Diabetes  Endocrine Center Blood Donor Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center is located at 701 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591. On September 29, 2007, members of the community gathered at Phelps to celebrate the official opening of the new 100,000 square-foot Medical Services Building.

Children in attendance enjoyed exploring more than a dozen fire engines and ambulances brought to Phelps by the emergency agencies that keep our communities safe. Phelps' Emergency Training Center was originally established two decades ago and has provided nearly 30,000 training sessions to emergency first responders throughout Westchester County and beyond. In the new 7,000 square-foot Frank and Lisina Hoch Center for Emergency Education, EMTs, firefighters and healthcare providers will have access to the same type of simulation technologies that pilots use to build critical emergency experience.

The new Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department offers outpatients physical and occupational therapy in a spacious, state-of-the-art facility. Exercise equipment is surrounded by a carpeted "track," and there are large private treatment rooms for therapy sessions. Patients recovering from stroke are able to practice activities of daily living in an "apartment" that includes a true-to-life kitchen and bathroom with handicapped features. The new facility features the Kathryn W. Davis Therapeutic Pool and Aquatherapy Center, which adds a new dimension to the rehab service at Phelps.

Other services that will find a new home in the building include the Wound Healing Institute, IV Infusion Center, Diabetes and Endocrine Center for Children & Young Adults, Phelps Counseling Center and Blood Donor Services.

A further cause for celebration is the opening of a new 750-space parking garage. Phelps is able to offer patients and visitors plenty of parking - and it's free!

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Location: Sleepy Hollow

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