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Dobbs Ferry Community Hospital

Dobbs Ferry

Westchester County

10522, St. John's Riverside Hospital, Hospital, Dobbs Ferry Pavilion, Dobbs Ferry, NY, Dobbs Ferry Medical Staff, 24-hour Emergency Department, Radiology Services, Physical Therapy, Inpatient & Out-patient Services, Ambulatory Surgery, Health Services Dobbs Ferry Community Hospital

St. John's Riverside Hospital, Dobbs Ferry Pavilion is located at 128 Ashford Ave., Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522. The Dobbs Ferry Pavilion is an outstanding health care facility offering some of the finest medical services in the region by a highly respected and renowned medical staff. And best of all, this extraordinary medical care is right in your own neighborhood!

Accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations for the maximum three-year accreditation period, the Dobbs Ferry Medical Staff has over 250 physicians, surgeons and specialists to care for a patient's needs.

Every area of the facility uses the latest in Biomedical Equipment, including CT Scanning, Mammography, real-time color-flow Doppler, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiac Monitors and Defibrillators, computerized Lab Testing, Anesthesia Machines, Specialty Surgical Equipment such as Storz Laparoscopic Surgery sets with 3-chip cameras and a variety of operating scopes, Orthopedic Surgical Setups and patient-controlled Analgesia.

We offer a number of Special Programs including:

Stress Testing
Stress Testing is a vital diagnostic tool in the care of the heart. The stress or exercise test is used to see how the heart performs when it is asked to work harder. While the patient is walking, he is connected to EKG equipment so that the heart rate and rhythm can be monitored.

Another type of stress test is a medication-induced stress test. If a patient is unable to walk, a medication (persantine) may be given to produce the effect on the heart as though the patient were exercising.

To make the stress test more specific, a Myocardial Perfusion Imaging stress test may be performed. This test involves an injection of a small amount of radioactive material (MYOVIEW or Thallium) which circulates in the bloodstream and shows if your heart muscle is receiving adequate blood supply under stress and/or rest conditions.

Anesthesia Services
Anesthesia Services are provided by a large group of highly educated, trained and experienced Board Certified specialists, who also provide the same services at a number of other first-rate health care facilities.

General Services
In addition to these outstanding programs and services, the Hospital also provides:

    Inpatient Medical-Surgical and Intensive Care Units
    24-hour Emergency Department
    24-hour Laboratory and Radiology Services
    Ultrasound & Nuclear Medicine Services
    Inpatient & Out-patient Physical Therapy
    Inpatient & Out-patient EKG & EEG Services
    Ambulatory Surgery
    Wellness Wednesday - Free Education and Screening programs each Wednesday (see community calendar)
    Nutrition Counseling - Inpatient & Out-patient
    Diabetic Support Group (meets monthly)
    Homecare Services
    Military Health Services

Location: Dobbs Ferry

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