Stuart's Farm  "Pick-Your-Own" | Granite Springs Westchester County New York
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Stuart's Farm "Pick-Your-Own"

Granite Springs

Westchester County

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Stuart's Fruit Farm, a U-Pick farm offering pick-your-own apples and pumpkins, is located at 62 Granite Springs Road, Granite Springs NY 10527, Westchester County in the Hudson Valley. Stuart's Fruit Farm is the oldest working farm in Westchester County. Our farm has been in the Stuart family since 1828. Our fruit and produce stand was built in 1886. The original farmhouse built around 1760 is still being lived in today.

Our Family is the sixth generation of Stuarts to live and work the farm. Our farm has over 200 acres of apple orchards, pumpkin fields and vegetable crops. Bring the kids and the family for a fun day on the farm.

Oldest working farm in Westchester County

    Apple Picking
    Pumpkin Picking

Location: Granite Springs

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