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X20 - Xaviars On The Hudson

City of Yonkers

Westchester County

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X2O Xaviars On The Hudson, serving New American cuisine, is located at 71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers NY 10701, Westchester County in the lower-Hudson Valley. X2O sits on the historic Yonkers Pier, a structure built at the turn of the century and accessible by car, boat or train.

Restaurant Review
Local, grass-fed and organic ingredients
Scenic Views of the Hudson
Sunday Brunch

The word is X2O is one of Peter Xavier Kelly's amazing restaurants in the Hudson Valley. "Outstanding . . . from appetizer through main course, veggies, dessert and even the coffee was delicious"; ". . . the very best restaurant I have ever been to. The food was fantastic, the service extraordinary and the view mesmerizing".

Reviews include The New York Times highest rating (Extraordinary), The Mobil Travel Guide Four Star Award, Restaurant News Dining Hall of Fame, Zagat's Survey (29 out of 30).

Location: Yonkers

Restaurant Cuisine
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