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Scarsdale Public Schools


Westchester County

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The Scarsdale Public Schools district is located at 2 Brewster Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 in Westchester County. The Scarsdale Union Free School District is located in Scarsdale, NY, a northern suburb of New York City. The District consists of a high school, a middle school, and five elementary schools. Student performance is unusually strong. On standardized tests and state examinations at every level, Scarsdale student achievement is typically among the very strongest in region, state and nation. Such measures reflect the quality of teaching and learning in Scarsdale.

Each of the five elementary schools provides an education whose aim is to promote achievement and intellectual challenge, but within a clearly child-centered environment. Each school maintains a special relationship with its neighborhood as well as a unique character and traditions. Students are asked to participate actively as writers, historians, problem-solvers, scientists. There is a strong and lively arts program.

The Middle School has long recognized the special character of pre-adolescent youngsters by providing a strong preparation in smaller communities or "houses" that promote close relationships and learning. So that teachers will know their students as people as well as intellects, they work with overall loads of no more than 100 students. House counselors also know each student and maintain communication between school and home.

The High School is known nationally and internationally for its independent, self-motivated students and faculty. High expectations translate into a college-like experience and atmosphere, but the School program has been planned carefully to support the particular needs of young adults. The school has never abandoned traditional standards or swung with educational fashion; rather, program and teaching have evolved thoughtfully over time. The quality of discourse is high, and students are highly motivated to learn.

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Scarsdale Public Schools is comprised of the following schools:

Edgewood Elementary School (914) 721-2700
Fox Meadow Elementary School (914) 721-2720
Greenacres Elementary School (914) 721-2740
Heathcote Elementary School (914) 721-2760
Quaker Ridge Elementary School (914) 721-2780
Scarsdale Middle School (914) 721-2600
Scarsdale High School (914) 721-2500

Location: Scarsdale

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