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A separate and autonomous unit of government, the Eastchester Fire District has the same boundaries as the Town. It is governed by a Board of Fire Commissioners who are responsible for general administration; the appointment of department personnel (paid and volunteer), physician, attorney and secretary (salaried positions), and the preparation and adoption of the annual Fire District budget after a public hearing. While this budget appears in the Town-at-large budget, the Town Board is not authorized to alter in any way. The fire chief is the head of the department and is responsible for the overall operation of the Fire Department. There is a staff of salaried firefighters who, in addition to fire fighting duties, are responsible for the five firehouses and equipment and are provided with a meeting room in each of the five firehouses.

The fire department conducts numerous building inspections throughout the year to ensure compliance with New York State and local fire safety codes. During the year, local schools are visited and fire safety educational material and demonstrations are presented as part of the department's ongoing education program for school children. Special presentations and demonstrations are conducted throughout the District and can be scheduled on a request basis (parades, summer camps, Tuckahoe Day, street fairs, etc.) All residents are encouraged to visit their local fire stations. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate large groups.

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