All Saints' Episcopal Church | Harrison Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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All Saints' Episcopal Church


Westchester County

Saints Feast of All Saints Victorian architecture oldest church in Harrison Harrison Landmark Christian church-goers All Saints' Episcopal Church

All Saints' Church was consecrated on November 1, 1898 - the Feast of All Saints. The church building is a perfect example of Victorian architecture. It is now the oldest church in Harrison, and in 2000 had the honor of being officially designated a Harrison Landmark.

Our parish family is a diverse group of people who come together to worship, to learn, and hopefully, to live lives that are deeply and authentically Christian. Today, All Saints' Episcopal Church is not only a beautiful church, it is a friendly, welcoming, and open-minded community of families and individuals, kids and seniors, longtime church-goers and newcomers.

Location: Harrison

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