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Maria Fareri Children's Hospital


Westchester County

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The Maria Fareri Children's Hospital sets the new standard for children's hospitals. It is the fulfillment of a vision for a family-centered facility that combines the highest-level care possible in the most supportive and therapeutic environment that could be constructed. Dedicated to the notion that families are the most important partners in the healing process, Maria Fareri Children's Hospital has been developed as a benchmark for children's hospitals around the world for decades to come.

Each year, 20,000 critically ill infants and children receive life-saving care from the dedicated team of doctors, nurses and professional staff at our facility. These children are treated with open-heart surgery, organ transplantation, advanced chemotherapy, emergency trauma surgery and other medical and surgical programs that are not available anywhere else in the Hudson Valley Region or in lower Connecticut.

The Maria Fareri Children's Hospital and new Regional Trauma Center provides the highest quality care in a state-of-the-art facility that accommodates the growing number of seriously ill and injured patients we care for, as well as the special needs of our pediatric patients and their families. Press blue button for more information.

Location: Valhalla

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