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Police Department, Yorktown

Yorktown Heights

Westchester County

10598, Yorktown Police Department, Yorktown Heights, Police Station Address, Contact, Police Chief, Sex Offenders, DARE, Accident Reports, Child Safety Seats, Civilian Complaints Police Department, Yorktown


Police Station Address
Yorktown Police Department
2281 Crompond Road
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

The Town of Yorktown includes the hamlet of Yorktown Heights.

About the Town of Yorktown Police
Covering 42 square miles, the Yorktown Police Department provides around the clock police protection to nearly 40,000 residents. Located approximately 25 miles north of New York City, the Town of Yorktown encompasses Yorktown Heights, Jefferson Valley, Shrub Oak, Crompond and a portion of Mohegan Lake.

The Principle Mission of the Yorktown Police Department is to preserve the right of citizens and reduce fear in the community through the prevention of crime, protection of persons and property, the maintenance of order in public places, and to anticipate and respond to events that threaten public order and the protection of life and property.

    A bit of History about the Yorktown Police Department
    "Before Yorktown had a police force, it had sheriffs, constables, truant officers, and “special officers”. Like other small communities, it relied heavily on the State Police, as well as other larger communities like Peekskill, which had a police force, to help keep crime in check. In 1902, there was even a private organization established for communal protection called the “Yorktown and Somers Vigilant Protective Association of Yorktown Heights, NY” which declared in Article I “its object shall be the pursuit, arrest, and conviction of such person or persons as shall steal property from any of its members exceeding in value ten dollars ($10.00) or who shall commit arson on any member.” The first officers were Dr. E. Schollderfer, C.G. Roake, George J. Purdy, and M.L. Peet. A reward of $100 was offered by the Association for the arrest and conviction of any thief, and another variable reward for return of stolen property (with the exception of dogs!).

    "The railroad, while responsible for economic growth in Yorktown after 1880, no doubt had something to do with the rise in crime in the area. The many lakes of the region turned Yorktown and neighboring communities into popular summer resorts for New York City folk, pushing up the population of this quiet farming town during the warmer months.

    "By 1924, Yorktown had churches, schools, parks, a library, hotels, dancehalls, country clubs, factories, electric lights, train station, trolley, military school, two volunteer fire departments, landscape architect, historian, and conservation commission, but it didn’t have a police force.

    "The following article appeared in the local paper on January 14, 1927: “Another problem of importance has to do with the curbing or reckless motorists who during the tourist season constitute a serious menace to the community. In addition to jeopardizing life and property these visitors from foreign communities are guilty of depredations on private property that amount to thousands of dollars annually. The problem of patrolling the roads nowrests exclusively with the State Police and we shall insist upon proper protection from that augmented body.”

    "In the minutes of the town board, September 16, 1924 it was moved that the “Supervisor was instructed to investigate the possibilities of securing a policeman for the Town of Yorktown.” The supervisor was H. Field Horne. However, it wasn’t until May 31, 1927 under the administration of James N. Strang that the Police Department was created. “In accordance with a petition of the Taxpayers of the Town of Yorktown …containing more than twenty-five names as prescribed by law, petitioning the Town Board to take action toward creating a Police Department for the Town of Yorktown …the following resolution was adopted…that the Town Board enter into an an agreement to employ Ernest Myatt for a police officer for the above named district at a salary of $2000.00 per year . . . Continued on the Yorktown Police Department website”

    Source Written by Linda L. Kiederer; Dedicated to the memory of my father, the late Howard C. Lane, a police officer with the City of Mt. Vernon, NY from 1939 to 1966."

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Location: Yorktown Heights

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