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Police Department, Tuckahoe


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Police Station Address
Village of Tuckahoe Police Department
65 Main Street
Tuckahoe, NY 10707

About the Village of Tuckahoe Police
The Tuckahoe Police Department has earned a distinguished reputation by maintaining a commitment to the highest standards of the law enforcement profession. Although the department is considered a small sized agency, it provides a wide-range of police services to the community. It is at the forefront of technology, training and best policing practices. In an on-going process to evaluate and improve performance and services; the Department is a New York State Law Enforcement Accredited Agency. We are guided by our Mission Statement: "To protect the quality of life in our community in partnership with those we serve."

    Patrol Division
    The most visible and largest section of the police department is the Patrol Division. It is considered the backbone of the department. The primary focus of the patrol division is the protection of life and property and to enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner consistent with the values of a free and open society. Uniformed Patrol Officers are the most visible and have the most contacts with the community. They provide the Village with a full range of police activities that our citizens have come to rely on. They are the first responders to calls of service that run the gamut from a barking dog to an armed encounter . . . continued.

    Detective Division
    The Detective Division of the Tuckahoe Police Department is charged with the responsibility of investigating all criminal activities, internal investigations, and the records management of the entire police department . . . continued.

    Youth Officers
    The Youth Officers are specially trained officers who serve the interests of the youth and the community. They implement programs to prevent and control delinquent, criminal or anti-social behavior by youths. Through intervention, they attempt to divert juveniles away from the Criminal Justice System by referrals to other social service agencies . . . continued.

    Bicycle Patrol
    The Bike Patrol Unit is a voluntary, part-time unit whose officers successfully completed a grueling police bike certification course. Bike officers are more accessible to the public while being highly mobile. They have the "stealth" advantage to ride into a crime scene unnoticed. The bike patrols are very effective for special events where their maneuverability and speed are assets in areas of high volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic . . . continued.

    Emergency Response Unit
    The Emergency Response Unit is a highly trained and skilled tactical team to support the department during critical incidents. Members of this elite unit are volunteers who undergo a demanding selective process and must meet ongoing physical performance standards. The team trains rigorously on a regular basis and members attend tactical courses offered by the National Tactical Officers Association, the F.B.I. and other local, state and federal agencies . . . continued.

    Child Safety Seat Unit
    The Department has specially trained Child Safety Restraint Technicians who are available by appointment to inspect, install and provide instruction on proper child safety restraint seats. These officers, in cooperation with the Eastchester Police Department and the Bronxville Police Department conduct Safety Seat Events during the year . . . continued.

    Animal Control
    The Department has members who are certified Animal Control Officers trained deal with nuisance wildlife, domestic animals, dog licensing, vicious animals and other animal complaints that are a risk to public safety.

    B.E.S.T.A.D.E. Task Force
    B.E.S.T.A.D.E. is as acronym for the Bronxville, Eastchester, Scarsdale, Tuckahoe Alcohol and Drug Enforcement Task Force. This is a multi-jurisdictional Task Force comprised of police officers from the Town of Eastchester, and the Villages of Bronxville, Scarsdale and Tuckahoe is focused on the battle against illegal drugs and underage drinking enforcement . . . continued.

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Location: Tuckahoe

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