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Police Department, City of Rye

City of Rye

Westchester County

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Police Station Address
City of Rye Police Department
21 McCullough Place
Rye, NY 10580

About the City of Rye Police
The Police Commissioner directs the Police Department which has the responsibility of enforcing all state and local laws, and is charged with providing emergency response to the citizens of Rye; responding to all crimes and/or emergencies, dispatch ambulance and other emergency vehicles as required, enforce City Code violations, provide assistance in cases of emergency, manmade or natural, enforce parking regulations, enforce vehicle and traffic laws.

The principal mission of the Police Department is to preserve the rights of citizens and reduce fear in the community through the prevention of crime, protection of persons, property and the maintenance of order in public places; to preserve the quality of life pursuant to the Rye City Code statutes and to anticipate and respond to events that threaten public order and the protection of life and property.

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Location: Rye

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