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Hudson Valley Poison Education Center

Sleepy Hollow

Westchester County

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The Hudson Valley Poison Education Center @ Phelps Memorial Hospital Center is located at 701 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, New York 10591-1096. The following Poison Fact Sheet lists just some of the information available at The Hudson Valley Poison Education Center website. Press blue button for more information.

Poison Prevention Reminders:

    Remember to read all labels carefully.
    Turn the lights on when looking for medication.
    Call medicines by their proper names; don’t call them “candy”.
    Discard old, unused medicines.
    Always keep medications and other products in their original, labeled containers.
    Avoid leaving children alone when potentially harmful substances are around.
    Avoid keeping edibles and non-edibles on the same shelf.
    Know the names of your household plants in case of an accidental ingestion.

Frequency of Poison Exposures

    There are an estimated 5 million poison exposures per year in the United States.
    Thousands of these poisonings are fatal.
    Over half of all poisonings involve children under the age of 6.
    New York State alone handled about 170,000 poison exposure cases in 2000.

Forms of Poisons

    Poisons may be solids, liquids or gases.
    There are several routes that a person can be exposed to a toxin. Poisons may be ingested, inhaled, injected or may come into direct contact with the skin or eyes.
    Poisons may also be introduced by an animal bite or sting.
    Overall, the most common poison is medication.
    For children, cleaning substances are the most common poison.

    Children are frequently exposed to poisons during times of family stress when they may be unattended.
    Examples include:
      During family arguments
      Immediately after the death of a relative

    “Look-alike” packaging or products often confuse both children and adults.
    There are more than 250,000 potentially poisonous drugs and commercial products.

Poison Control Center Information

    Poison Control Centers are available across the country for information on poisons and possible exposures.
    Poison Control Centers have professionals who are specifically trained in the prevention and treatment of poisons.
    All calls to Poison Control Centers are FREE.
    You can reach a Poison Center specialist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    One nationwide phone number puts you in contact with your nearest Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222.

Location: Sleepy Hollow

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