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Mishkan Ha'am - Reconstructionist

City of Yonkers

Westchester County

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Welcome to Mishkan Ha'am. We're a new and growing community dedicated to serving as a bridge between the search for religious identity and the demands of the secular world. As a Reconstructionist congregation, we integrate a deep respect for traditional Judaism with the insights, ideas, and innovations growing from contemporary life. If you are interested in Jewish religion, spirituality, culture, history and philosophy, there is a place for you here, whether you are a senior citizen or a child, single or married, gay or straight, part of an interfaith household, one with longstanding Jewish practice, or no previous Jewish affiliation.

About half of the members at Mishkan Ha'am live in southern Westchester County and half live in the Riverdale/Kingsbridge area of the Bronx. At present, many of our ongoing programs take place at the the Reform Church of Hastings, 18 Farragut Ave in Hastings-on-Hudson, while we look for a more permanent home in the Riverdale-Yonkers-Hastings area.

Location: Yonkers

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