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Croton Cortlandt Center for the Arts

Cortlandt Manor

Westchester County

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The Croton Cortlandt Center for the Arts (C/CCA) was founded in 1989 by a group of Croton residents who recognized the need for an active “local arts center” in a community long neglected for the cultural contributions of its residents. The Croton Cortlandt Center for the Arts educational programming in the visual arts has steadily increased each year. In addition, the center offers vacation and summer art camps for children.

Local artists have been provided with exhibition and sales opportunities at the Manor Gallery at Cortlandt Town Hall since 1993 and at the Hendrick Hudson Library. For two years the C/CCA had run a cooperative gallery, “Art Moves” located at various available spaces at the Jefferson Valley Mall.

Public art is an important aspect of the C/CCA’s services to the general public, beginning in 1997 with an educational mural and walkway at the Croton Harmon MTA railroad station. The C/CCA has been involved in projects with other non-profit organizations in addressing the needs of underserved populations in the Westchester area. Such programs have included a two year pre school program for children of Aunt Bessie’s Day Care and Head Start programs; a ceramics program for developmentally challenged adults with Norwest, the AIM/HOPE photography project for homeless children, a partnership with the Ossining Children’s center, and an Arts Excel project in the Peekskill Middle School. Press "Blue Button" for more information about the Croton Cortlandt Center for the Arts.

Location: Cortlandt Manor

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