Corpus Christi Church | Port Chester Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Corpus Christi Church

Port Chester

Westchester County

Parish One Body in Christ mission Christís Holy Spirit charism Salesian Family St. John Bosco Christian men woman Corpus Christi Church

We, the Parish of Corpus Christi, are "One Body in Christ". Our mission is to follow Christís example of love by which we are bound together with the strength of the Holy Spirit. We incorporate His teachings in our daily lives through corporal and spiritual acts, and we reach out to others with compassion, acceptance and love. To accomplish this mission, we have been given a share in the charism of the Salesian Family. This charism gives shape and provides direction and power for all we do, especially for youth.

Like St. John Bosco, we at the Church of Corpus Christi believe in the power of little things and in the significance of each member of our parish family. Actions that are most dear to us include making everyone feel welcome as part of a real family, enabling people to be the best Christian men and woman possible, and helping one another feel the presence of our Lord in all things.

Location: Port Chester

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