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Ravenna Osteria

City of Peekskill

Westchester County

Ravenna Osteria

Ravenna Osteria, serving Italian cuisine, is located at 1099 North Division Street, Peekskill, NY 10566 in northern Westchester County.

From Ravenna: "Ravenna is a casual Italian restaurant with an elegant imagination. Soignee appetizers include sundried-tomato-marinated shrimp grilled on rosemary skewers, mussels with crimini mushrooms in Sambucca-mushroom broth, and artichoke-provolone-tomato bruschetta. Farfalle comes with mushrooms, walnuts, tomatoes and prosciutto in cream sauce and ribeye steak in gorgonzola sauce. Chicken breast is stuffed with mascarpone, spinach, prosciutto and pignoli."

Restaurant Review
Italian cuisine
Pizza available
Serving dinner

The word is Locals rave about this Italian gem tucked away in a strip mall, where a professional waitstaff serves delicious Italian cuisine at affordable prices.

Location: Peekskill

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