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Pastels Cafe & Restaurant

City of Peekskill

Westchester County

10566, Café & Restaurant, Beach Shopping Center, Peekskill NY, Northern Westchester County, Restaurant Review, Family restaurant, Serving breakfast (all day), lunch, and early dinner, The word is, Check recent reviews Pastels Cafe & Restaurant

Pastels Café & Restaurant is located in Beach Shopping Center, Route 6, Peekskill NY 10566 in northern Westchester County.

From Pastels Café: "It's been over 25 years since we first opened our doors and we're proud to say that we're still going strong, even in this day of fast foods and fad cuisines. Today you may see padded booths, pastel colors, elegant light fixtures overhead, and rich carpeting underfoot, but beneath the modern exterior, you can still sense what makes this place special. Something about it says you can relax and be yourself here. That's because we have made sure you'll always feel at home. And think of this as your place.

"It's your place because we accommodate whatever kind of eating you're in the mood for, from a snack to a feast. It's your place because we move at your pace. If you're in a rush, we're in a rush. If you're not, you can take your sweet time. And that means you and your friends will be able to cover the week's gossip over a burger and some fries. It means you can come here with your family for a five-course meal and not have to worry about annoyed looks if your children don't act like perfect adults . . . Pastels Café is proud of the food we serve, and we believe that the warm, easy-going atmosphere we provide is every bit as important to our customers as what's on the menu."

Restaurant Review
Family Restaurant
Serving breakfast (all day), lunch, and early dinner

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Location: Peekskill

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