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Valhalla School District


Westchester County

10595, Union Free School District, Mt. Pleasant, North Castle, Greenburgh, Virginia Road, Kensico Elementary School, Valhalla Middle School, Valhalla High School, information about Valhalla UFSD Valhalla School District

The Valhalla Union Free School District is located at 318 Columbus Ave., Valhalla, NY 10595 in Westchester County. The Valhalla UFSD includes parts of the towns of Mt. Pleasant, North Castle and Greenburgh and is primarily a residential and suburban community. Valhalla Union Free School District is comprised of the following schools:

Virginia Road Elementary School (Grades K-2) in White Plains(914) 683-5035
Kensico Elementary School (Grades 3-5) in Valhalla (914) 683-5030
Valhalla Middle School in Valhalla (914) 683-5000
Valhalla High School in Valhalla (914) 683-5014

The Valhalla Union Free School District is dedicated to teaching students to develop desired moral, ethical, and cultural values, to stimulate and expand a continual learning process and to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of American citizens, which will enable them to function effectively as independent individuals in a democratic society. The educational program provides each child with the fundamental academic skills and basic knowledge required for his/her maximum development, the opportunity for each child to develop his/her interests and abilities to the fullest extent according to his/her individual potential, and special services to promote the physical, academic and emotional development of each child. It is the district's goal to foster in students good work habits, integrity, self-discipline, good sportsmanship, self-confidence and a sense of purpose. Extracurricular activities will be offered when possible to enhance the core academic program.

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Location: Valhalla

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