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Putnam / Northern Westchester BOCES

Yorktown Heights

Westchester County

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Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES is located in Yorktown Heights with ancillary campuses on Fox Meadow Road in Yorktown, at the Madden Outdoor Education Center on Miller Hill Road in Kent, and at 12 local school buildings in 10 school districts.

Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES serves approximately 60,000 preschoolers through 12th graders, plus thousands of adults in 18 school districts: Bedford, Brewster, Briarcliff, Carmel, Chappaqua, Croton-Harmon, Garrison, Haldane, Hendrick Hudson, Katonah-Lewisboro, Lakeland, Mahopac, North Salem, Ossining, Peekskill, Putnam Valley, Somers and Yorktown. We also serve school districts and municipalities in Rockland, southern Westchester and Dutchess counties.

"We are always striving to be more flexible, offering services based on new technology, new standards, or new needs. That is reflected in many of our offerings. At The Tech Center, computers are thoroughly integrated into everyday teaching. Academic courses in English, math, economics, science, and health are offered at The Tech Center building to make it easier for students to manage their schedules and to help them earn their diplomas. The end result of a Tech Center education is a successful transition to the world of work or college.

"In Special Education, children are prepared for the world after they leave us back to their home district or to work in the larger community. Through innovative programs, such as Community Outreach Program and MOVE, they are encouraged to move and communicate more effectively.

"Nationally known educational experts are brought to BOCES on a regular basis to help train teachers in the new standards, science techniques, or data management, to name just a few priorities. We offer districts a variety of programs, from an on-line application system to cooperative bidding and school communications. In each case, quality and economics play an important part.

"Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES reaches across the spectrum in terms of the children it serves, from those with special needs to those with special gifts. We are living in a world that says every child should succeed. For some, this is a difficult challenge, but we are determined to use the tools necessary to make that happen. For others, we can use more sophisticated tools to provide a higher-level learning experience. Without BOCES, many of these students would not be able to meet with the kind of success they are capable of achieving . . ." James T. Langlois, District Superintendent

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Location: Yorktown Heights

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