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Pelham Union Free School District


Westchester County

10803, School District, schools, Colonial Elementary, Hutchinson Elementary, Prospect Hill Elementaryl, Siwanoy Elementary, Pelham Middle School, Pelham Memorial High School, Pelham school, Board of Education, teachers,  about the schools in Pelham Pelham Union Free School District

The Pelham Union Free School District is located at 661 Hillside Road, Pelham, NY 10803 in Westchester County. The Pelham Union Free School District is comprised of the following schools:

Colonial Elementary School (914) 738-2680
Hutchinson Elementary School (914) 738-3640
Prospect Hill Elementary School (914) 738-6690
Siwanoy Elementary School (914) 738-7650
Pelham Middle School (914) 738-8190
Pelham Memorial High School (914) 738-8110

The Pelham school community has high expectations and standards for all students. We challenge and inspire individuals to become creative and critical thinkers who make ethical choices. Our students will be able to work both independently and collaboratively to solve problems. They will become life-long learners and responsible citizens in a democratic society prepared for the demands of a technological and global community.

Our schools provide nurturing environments that are characterized by mutual respect, promoting the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic development of their students. We celebrate diversity and foster a sense of belonging for all children, emphasizing the importance of contributing to the greater community. The Board of Education, teachers, administrators, school staff, parents, students, and community members all share the responsibility for education in Pelham. Press blue button for more information about the schools in Pelham.

Location: Pelham

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