Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District | Hastings-on-Hudson Westchester County New York
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Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District


Westchester County

10706, School District, southern Westchester County, Ziccolella Elementary-Middle School,  Martin Luther King Jr. High School, residential, behavioral, emotional, learning disabilities, therapeutic environment, elementary, middle, high schools Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District

The Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District is located at 1 South Broadway, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 in southern Westchester County. Greenburgh-Graham offers a structured nurturing environment that services students who are at-risk and molds them into students who both learn and thrive.

The Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District is comprised of the following schools:

Ziccolella Elementary-Middle School (914) 478-1106
Martin Luther King Jr. High School (914) 478-1106

"Our program is designed to support students with varying ability levels who struggle academically and/or emotionally. Greenburgh-Graham is an accredited day and residential NYS public school district for students aged 5 to 21 years. Students with behavioral, emotional and learning disabilities are offered ongoing assessment and data-driven targeted intervention in a supportive environment. Student referrals are usually made by their local school districts Committee on Special Education (CSE) or the local Department of Social Services. We offer a rigorous curriculum designed to meet each student’s individual learning level with a provided therapeutic environment.

"The Greenburgh-Graham elementary, middle and high schools are staffed with dedicated professionals – trained in state-of-the-art instructional strategies – who provide quality instruction to our students. Elementary through middle school students receive intensive specialized instruction in reading, writing and spelling through a language-based learning program. This program uses research-based, structured, systematic, multi-sensory approaches.

"Our high school program offers a variety of classes to meet student needs at all levels of instruction. We believe in a focus on the student’s academic level rather than “one-size-fits-all” teaching. We offer a variety of levels of required courses and student classroom placement is based on the individual student’s needs; we prepare each student toward the achievement of the required New York State assessments."

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Location: Hastings-on-Hudson

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