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Eastchester School District


Westchester County

10709, Union Free, School District, Greenvale Elementary School, Scarsdale, Waverly Elementary School, Greenvale Elementary School, Anne Hutchinson Elementary School, Eastchester Middle School, Eastchester High School Eastchester School District

The Eastchester Union Free School District is located at 580 White Plains Road, Eastchester, NY 10709 in Westchester County. Eastchester's Greenvale Elementary School serves students in Eastchester and Scarsdale .

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The Eastchester Union Free School District is comprised of the following schools:

Waverly Elementary School (Grades K-1) Eastchester (914) 793-6130,
Greenvale Elementary School (Grades 2-5) Scarsdale (914) 793-6130
Anne Hutchinson Elementary School (Grades 2-5) Eastchester (914) 793-6130
Eastchester Middle School (Grades 6-8) Eastchester (914) 793-6130
Eastchester High School Eastchester (914) 793-6130

About Waverly Elementary School The Waverly School is a district-wide kindergarten and first grade school. The developmentally appropriate program is exploratory and "hands-on" in nature, and is designed to promote each child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Curiosity and the joy of learning are emphasized to develop life long learners. We teach basic skills, strategies, concepts, and critical thinking skills meeting the learning needs of all children as they begin their educational experience in Eastchester.

About Eastchester Middle School Eastchester Middle School (EMS) is located in a small middle and upper-class commuter town in the heart of Westchester County. It is set alongside the historic Post Road, only a few miles from New York City. With a population of 18,400 this suburban town reflects the culture of Early America and Western Europe, especially the Italian culture. The most recent immigration is from Asia, primarily Japan.

There are 734 students enrolled in grades six, seven, and eight at EMS. The Middle School building is comprised of two, two-storied wings that are adjacent to our high school building complex. The original wing was built in 1955. Another wing, added in 1958, is shared with the high school. The building complex is surrounded by well tended grounds. Major building renovations over the well maintained auditorium is made available to our students, 55% of whom participate in our selective band, choral or drama programs. The availability of four gymnasiums, as well as several athletic fields, provide our students with the opportunity to participate in a strong interscholastic and intramural athletic program.

Location: Eastchester

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