Inca & Gaucho   "Peruvian & Argentinian" | Port Chester Westchester County New York
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Inca & Gaucho "Peruvian & Argentinian"

Port Chester

Westchester County

10573, Gaucho, Restaurant, Port Chester, NY, Peruvian cuisine, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, BYO, Live Music, Great little restaurant, best Argentinean/Peruvian, charming bilingual waitstaff, Restaurant Review Inca & Gaucho "Peruvian & Argentinian"

Inca & Gaucho Restaurant is located at 173 Westchester Ave., Port Chester, NY 10573 in Westchester. "This restaurant is a combination of Peruvian cuisine with the parrillada of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil."

From Inca & Gaucho: "Welcome to Inca & Gaucho Grill. Life size Gaucho and Inca, decorations from the Inca life, as well as the life of the gaucho, better known as 'The South American cowboy'. This restaurant is a combination of Peruvian cuisine, with the parrillada of Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, coming together in an exciting new restaurant."

Restaurant Review
Live Music
Outdoor dining
Serving lunch and dinner

The word is "Great little restaurant" serving "the best Argentinean/Peruvian" cuisine by a charming bilingual waitstaff.

Location: Port Chester

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