Coyote Flaco | Port Chester Westchester County New York
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Coyote Flaco

Port Chester

Westchester County

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Family Restaurant, Outdoor seating, The word is Coyote Flaco

Coyote Flaco, serving Mexican food, is located at 115 Midland Ave., Port Chester NY 10573 in Westchester County.

From Coyote Flaco: "Welcome to Coyote Flaco, home of New York's best homemade Mexican Food. Whether you're trying any of our amazing entrees, sipping on one of our world-class margaritas, or just enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, Coyote Flaco is the place to be if you're in search of quality Mexican faire."

Restaurant Review
Family restaurant
Outdoor seating

The word is Relaxed casual dining in a pleasant atmosphere, offering excellent service and fresh, well-seasoned, & beautifully presented Mexican cuisine at affordable prices. The drinks are good and the marguerites are delicious.

Location: Port Chester

Restaurant Cuisine
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