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Wood & Fire


Westchester County

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Wood & Fire, serving Pizza, traditional Neapolitan dishes, and modern-day Italian cuisine, is located at 59 Marble Ave., Pleasantville, NY 10570 in Westchester County.

From Wood & Fire: "Wood & Fire is a unique family-owned restaurant that offers traditional Neapolitan cuisine with a contemporary twist. The founders of Wood & Fire joined together with diverse backgrounds and over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry."

"It first started with Chef Lidia, born in Sicily and raised in Naples. She brought her signature Italian dishes to New York over 20 years ago, and continues to capture many loyal customers today. Wood & Fire combines Lidia’s beloved family recipes with the recipes of modern-day Italian Chef, Pasquale Abbatiello, to strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern-day Italian cuisine."

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Pizza, Traditional Neapolitan, and modern Italian
Family restaurant
Full Bar
Noise level = Can get loud
Outdoor dining on patio
Parking = Private lot (can get full)
Saturday and Sunday Brunch
Serving lunch and dinner
TV's at bar
Wheelchair Accessible
The word is New space offering TV's and bar, patio dining in good weather, pizza and Italian food; however the service has been slow and unfriendly, parking can be a problem if the lot is full, and several complaints about the food. Check out new reviews before going.

Location: Pleasantville

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