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Euro Pizzeria

City of White Plains

Westchester County

10601, Pizzeria, White Plains, NY, pizzas, Italian food Euro Pizzeria

Euro Pizzeria, a family owned restaurant offering pizza and Italian food, is located at 120 East Post Road, White Plains NY 10601 in Westchester County.

From Euro Pizzeria: "Euro Pizzeria is a family owned business which established its first store in White Plains in 1993. Here at Euro pizzeria we believe that great tasting food comes with the freshest ingredients and old European cooking techniques. To serve you the best tasting dishes we make our food in house and FROM SCRATCH. Here are a few examples of our Home Made ingredients: all of our dough, sauces, dressings, butter, ketchup, roasted peppers, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and many more. At Euro Pizzeria we take pride in bringing you an exceptional and unique experience. Fast food will never taste the same after dining at Euro Pizzeria."

Restaurant Review
Family Restaurant
Open for lunch and dinner
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The word is The staff is excellent, the pizza is good with lots of cheese (could make the dough thinner), the sandwiches are great and the traditional Italian dishes with garlic bread on the side are delicious, all at affordable prices.

Location: White Plains

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