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La Manda's

City of White Plains

Westchester County

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La Manda's, serving Italian food and Pizza, is located at 251 Tarrytown Road in White Plains, NY 10607 in Westchester County.

From La Manda's: "Our story starts in 1934 when the Albanese family opened up in this spot. It’s hard to believe but the whole restaurant occupied what is now our bar area. The offerings were simpler in the 30‘s and 40‘s as is evidenced by the picture at right. Under Joe La Manda’s stewardship, starting in 1947, the restaurant became primarily a neighborhood pizzeria. It served not one, but many neighborhoods. Whether they were high school sweethearts from Elmsford, late night bowlers from the White Plains bowling alley or young families from Scarsdale, they all came for the great food and friendly environment nurtured by Mr. La Manda.

"When my father, Jerry, and his partners, Flavio and Arcangelo, bought the restaurant from Joe in 1967, they kept his name out front because it had become part of Westchester lore. Few physical changes were made to the place. Their focus was always on the food, and you, the customer. Thus, while continuing to serve the thin brick-oven pizza that defined La Manda’s, they expanded the menu. Chicken scarparo, pork chops with vinegar peppers, fried calamari, veal rollatine and even the La Manda’s mixed salad are just a few of the offerings that joined our pizza as signature dishes. Great food at modest prices with an emphasis on serving the customer became standard La Manda’s fare.

"The passage of time, however, brought La Manda’s to new crossroads. Arcangelo passed away in 1984 and Flavio retired in 1995. These events paved the way for me to become part of the La Manda’s tradition by joining my father as his partner.Over the years we’ve done work to improve the restaurant and spruce it up a bit. I assure you, though, that we have no intention of changing it. As long as we are here it will remain La Manda’s as you remember it. So, as we continue this great tradition, we’d like to say Thank You to all our customers past and present. You are all as much a part of La Manda’s as any of us. Buon appetito!"

Restaurant Review
Cash only
Cuisine = Italian
Full Bar
Noise level = Average

The word is Go for the food - not the outdated décor. The pizza and house salad with gorgonzola is just great.

Location: White Plains

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