City Limits Diner | City of White Plains Westchester County New York
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City Limits Diner

City of White Plains

Westchester County

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City Limits, an upscale diner serving traditional American cuisine, is located at 200 Central Ave., White Plains, NY 10606 in Westchester County.

From City Limits: "City Limits redefines the traditional American diner experience by showcasing a wide selection of comforting, sophisticated dishes - from house-smoked meats to gourmet pastries. When you walk into our dining room, you’ll see one person having a steak dinner, another guest having the grilled shrimp wrap with housemade vegetable chips, and someone else with our crab and lobster cake Benedict."

"With its family-friendly atmosphere, City Limits has frequent customers that span across generations. “We have guests who grew up eating at City Limits and are now bringing in their children.”

Restaurant Review
Family Restaurant
Full Bar
Noise level = Average
Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Vegetarian options

The word is This upscale diner with a huge menu serves dishes made with "fresh ingredients, inventive menu items, and reasonable prices"; some former regulars say "not as good or reliable as it use to be" but many think it's still worth a try.

Location: White Plains

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