Atrium at Doral Arrowwood | Rye Brook Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Atrium at Doral Arrowwood

Rye Brook

Westchester County

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The Atrium restaurant at the Doral Arrowwood Conference Resort, offering buffet breakfasts and dinner, is located at 975 Anderson Hill Road, Rye Brook, NY 10573 in Westchester County.

From the Atrium: "This light, airy restaurant serves delicious buffet-style lunches and la carte dinners amid spectacular views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Celebrate the weekend by savoring sumptuous cuisine and dancing cheek-to-cheek at our Saturday Night Buffet Dinner Dance. During the warmer months, al fresco dining is available on the patio, and our Sunday brunch is a local and guest favorite."

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Restaurant Review
Music (piano in background)
Organic chicken option
Outdoor dining on patio
Saturday night buffet dinner dance (call)
Sunday Brunch
Views (beautiful views)

The word is Fabulous Sunday brunch enhanced by the beautiful ambiance, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and background jazz piano adding to the lovely setting.

Location: Rye Brook

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