Belluscio's Italian Restaurant | City of Rye Westchester County New York
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Belluscio's Italian Restaurant

City of Rye

Westchester County

Belluscio's Italian Restaurant

Belluscio's Restaurant, serving Italian cuisine, is located at 352 Midland Ave., Rye, NY 10580 in Westchester County.

From Belluscio's: "We have been in business since 1933. We are a family style restaurant, serving Italian American Food, Pizza, and authentic Italian Food, and Veal Chicken. Call us for more information."

Restaurant Review
Fireplace thatís cozy and warm
Live music guitar (call for schedule)
Serving Dinner

The word is Locals love this "old fashioned" neighborhood Italian that has been around since 1933, serving Italian comfort food. The fish is fresh, the gravy is homemade Italian red sauce, and everything else is also delicious.

Location: Rye

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