Agostino's Italian Ristorante | City of New Rochelle Westchester County New York
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Agostino's Italian Ristorante

City of New Rochelle

Westchester County

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Agostino's Italian Ristorante, serving Italian food, is located at 336 Pelham Road, New Rochelle, NY 10805 in Westchester County.

From Agostino's: "Picture yourself on an Adriatic patio—breeze blowing, the aroma of sliced tomatoes just vine-picked on freshly sliced mozzarella, sprinkled with balsamico and sprigs of basil to start, fresh-baked Italian pene de casa paired with a smooth glass of chilled Chianti. Anna Catalano takes you there as she prepares every ingredient from scratch: her sauces, the pastas, right down to the fresh cannoli shells and desserts, all of which are loaded with artisanal flavor. You must visit and let Anna, her husband Antonio, and brother Gus Di Fabio, guide you through their authentic home-style favorites."

"An authentic chitarra (the traditional pasta-making tool Anna uses to make her homemade pastas) is seen hanging on the wall, near the entrance to her kitchen...that beckons, "Good things are coming—on the way to your table.” And Anna's kitchen truly lives up to the promise. The family hails from Abruzzo and Bari; many of her specialties are dishes she remembers preparing with her family growing up in her regional hometown. She made her mark while working at the famous Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, where her pasta-making prowess was in great demand. Anna is passionate about her cooking."

The word is "This restaurant is a gem." The food is fresh and homemade, and everything is cooked from scratch. Enjoy delicious calamari, broccoli rabe, or fish of the day. Agostino's is a bit tired.

Location: New Rochelle

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