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Bayou "Cajun Cuisine"

City of Mount Vernon

Westchester County

10552, Restaurant, Mount Vernon, NY, Cajun cuisine, live music and entertainment, Restaurant Review, Outdoor Dining, Sunday Brunch, menus, live music events, Happy Hour, Live Music, Outdoor Dining, Sunday Brunch Bayou "Cajun Cuisine"

The Bayou Restaurant is located at 580 Gramatan Ave., Mount Vernon, NY 10552.

From The Bayou: "The restaurant was opened in Feb 21st, 1991 in the Westchester Area of Mount Vernon, New York. Bayou specializes in authentic Cajun food, hot spicy sauces and strong drinks, absolutely incredible nightly live music shows. We are always happy to have you at our restaurant. Come in, join us and have fun. The Bayou entire Cajun cuisine menu is available for you any day and time offering the best Mudbug Mania, Alligator Sausages, Po’Boys, Fried Oyster and even Deep Fried Pickles."

Restaurant Review
Happy Hour (Mon - Fri until 7:00 pm)
Live Music (Call for schedule or check Bayou website.)
Outdoor dining
Sunday Brunch

Press blue button for menus, live music events, and more about The Bayou Restaurant.

Location: Mount Vernon

Restaurant Cuisine
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