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Hunan Larchmont "Chinese & Japanese"


Westchester County

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Hunan Larchmont, serving Hunan Chinese food, is located at 1961 Palmer Ave., Larchmont, NY 10538 in Westchester County.

From Hunan Larchmont: "Whether you are looking to enjoy a relaxing dinner out on the town, catch a quick meal before a movie, or spend a quiet evening at home, Hunan Larchmont can fulfill your Chinese & Japanese dining needs. Located in the heart of Larchmont, Hunan Larchmont has been a local favorite since 1983. Classic family recipes and high standards of excellence have helped Hunan Larchmont to establish it's acclaimed reputation. Every dish created by our master chef is made-to-order with fresh, high quality ingredients."

Hunan provides a charming and relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by a friendly and attentive staff. The recent addition of the sushi bar has greatly expanded the menu, truly offering something for everybody. Hunan Larchmont is open 364 days of the year and offers in-restaurant dining, take-out, delivery, catering, and private parties."

Restaurant Review
Family Restaurant
Full Bar
Serving lunch and dinner
Vegetarian and Vegan options

The word is Attractive space offering very good and reliable Chinese food at reasonable prices.

Location: Larchmont

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