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CPG: Counseling and Psychotherapy Group

Pound Ridge

Westchester County

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Life CPG: Counseling and Psychotherapy Group


The Counseling and Psychotherapy Group

"There is no substitute for experience."

The Counseling and Psychotherapy Group (CPG) established in 1975, is located in Fairfield, and northern Stamford, CT bordering Bedford and Pound Ridge. With over 40 years of experience, our psychologists continue to provide experience, consistency, and stability.

At a time when the quality of such services is being compromised because of the increasing commercialization of mental health care, we continue to believe in and we adhere to the following traditional standards:
  • The therapeutic relationship is highly personal.
  • The therapeutic relationship is one of caring and concern.
  • The relationship is protected by confidentiality.
  • The patientís interests are best served by careful listening and empathic understanding and insight.

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Location: Pound Ridge

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